Carlos Hank Rhon, Longtime Business Leader


As the leader of multiple businesses, Carlos Hank Rhon's career spans decades and has fostered great success. Throughout his lengthy career, he has accrued vast amounts of knowledge on the essentials of growing a prosperous business. Here, he provides a variety of articles on various essential business topics to assist business owners in expanding their knowledge base and reaching their business goals. Effective business planning includes a variety of factors and Carlos Hank Rhon has provided insight into the areas of business equity, management, funding and investments.



It's sometimes easier to raise equity finance as a business owner than it is to go to the bank. This is especially the case if you will be investing in intangibles, or an IP-heavy business. Don't be scared to hand over a percentage of your business if you believe that it will enable you to grow that much faster, recommends Carlos Hank Rhon.

Although there are business investors who are willing to look at companies in all sectors and at all stages in their growth cycle, you're more likely to get a favorable valuation if: You have a unique idea, a protected idea, or you are likely to benefit from a first movers advantage. Your drive, passion, flair and management expertise are all extremely important factors too.

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The more progress you have shown as a business manager, in terms of sales and product development, the more favorable your potential investors will be towards your business funding proposal. Anybody can make a business plan but if you already starting to turn it into reality then you will show others that you have the management skills to grow the business further.

Financials are important too explains Carlos Hank Rhon. The stronger the balance sheet, the greater the cash flow, the more profitable your company is now - the better. However, earning potential will also play a role in the investors mind. As a business manager, you have to be prepared for getting plenty of rejection if you want to succeed. If you are determined and persevere long enough you will find the funding.


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When it comes to gaining funding for your business, explains Carlos Hank Rhon, there are a number of different places and avenues that you can approach but, the one that you actually choose to use will be based on your business needs. Some examples of the options that you can consider for securing business funding that you need are bank loans, family and friends, credit cards, and business investors. These are only a handful of the funding options that are open to both start-up businesses and established businesses; however in some cases many businesses often choose to use a combination of many different sources of business finance in order to cover all of the expenses.

It can easily be said that many new businesses will exhaust the internal financial resources which are needed and used to get your business off the ground during the initial start-up phase. It is because of this that new businesses will then seek new business funding in order for them to continue to grow. The statement it takes money to make money is also never more relevant than it is when it comes to small businesses. This is due to the fact that every small business needs money to get started, operate and expand as well as to grow.

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A business requires cash flow, explains Carlos Hank Rhon. Raw materials, rent, equipment purchase, installations and advertising are only some of the elements that demand considerable amount of dollars of investment in the beginning of the business. In different business cycles, different demands will present themselves. Investors provide startups and small businesses with potential to expand at good pace. It is a respected name amongst small and medium businesses that turn to commercial lending to meet their needs.

Past studies have revealed that jumping in a business without enough money at hand is one of the major reasons of failure. Investments from outside sources can assist business owners in growing their business into a successful enterprise.


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